Where can I buy Rider Cider?

Rider Cider is currently sold in private liquor stores in BC and Alberta. Check out our product locator to find a location near you! Visit our Product Locator page.

Where is Rider Cider made?

Rider Cider is a local product made in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. SunRype in Kelowna, BC prepares the recipe and it is fermented and packaged at Big Surf Brewing in Lake Country, BC.

Who manufactures Rider Cider?

Rider Cider is made by your friends at SunRype Products Ltd. We make the best-selling apple juice in Western Canada, so making a cider makes sense, right? We have taken our delicious propriety apple blend and created refreshing ciders for your enjoyment. SunRype makes the juices that go into the ciders and in a partnership with Big Surf Brewing – Big Surf ferments, packages and sells Rider Cider on our behalf.

What is the acohol content of Rider Cider?

All three flavours are 5% alcohol.

Are sulphites added to Rider Cider?

Sulphites are not added to Rider Cider.

Is Rider Cider gluten-free?

Yes, Rider Cider is gluten-free.

How many calories are in one serving (355 mL) of Rider Cider?

One serving (355 mL) of Rider Cider has 190 calories.

Are your products sold in the U.S.?

Unfortunately as of right now, Rider Cider is not sold in the U.S.